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FROM: Vice-Consul Tserèpis, Ayvalık

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul


Ayvalık, 17 (30) June 1914

Α body was found yesterday, belonging to one of the missing Ayvalık residents. It had been thrown into a well outside the city. It bears bayonet wounds. The Authorities have issued an order according to which they call for Greeks to show up by tomorrow in order to receive back their animals, otherwise they shall be sold in favour of the State. The local army chief and the local gendarmerie commanders, each on his own account, have been negotiating the sale of more than 200 bulls, all stolen, to local butchers.
The Authorities are stopping anyone who is trying to come back.
Those who come back in secret are caught and deported.
A Turkish coastguard vessel is patrolling outside our port, preventing all sail boats from entering the harbour. The Authorities demand of the Greeks to pay tax if they want the boats to come through.
The city of Ayvalık remains under blockade.

CC: Greek Embassy, Constantinople