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FROM: Vice-Consul Tserèpis, Ayvalık

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul

AFFECTED AREAS: Ayvalık, Edremit, Bergama, Kemer (Burhaniye)

Ayvalık, 9 (22) June 1914

All Turkish families have left the city.
The kaymakam [governor] of Ayvalık has been relieved of his duties via telegram.
The peculiar thing is that the governors of Edremit, Bergama, etc. have not.
100 families from Kemeri [Burhaniye], of which I spoke in my yesterday’s telegram, have been forced to convert to Islam, on top of other harassment.
Outside Ayvalık the Turks have taken over the summer houses of the Greeks and the Authorities are scouring through the fields of Greeks, no matter what their actual citizenship is. After all these days, the inhabitants of Ayvalık are thinking of emigrating, due to extreme hunger.

CC: Greek Embassy, Constantinople