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FROM: Consul General Kapsabèlis

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul

AFFECTED AREAS: Old Phocaea, Yayaköy, Buca/İzmir, Nazlı


16 (29) June 1914

As I telegraphed before, Interpreters, accompanied by the inspector from the Ministry of Internal Affars, Şükrü Bey, the French archaeologist Félix Sartiaux, the correspondents for the Times of London and Hamburg News, and the priest, visited Old and New Phocaeas yesterday. Despite the Authorities’ most diligent efforts to cover up traces of the persecution, the impressions they were left with were vivid.

In Old Phocaea an argument took place between Şükrü Bey and Sartiaux, when the first suggested that the population had left voluntarily and the latter corroborated the persecutions, lootings, and raids. The German Interpreter appeared also to become angry at the Authorities’ attempts to conceal the facts. The priest is convinced that the Interpreters have become fully aware of the situation, and has commended the conduct of M. Sartiaux.

All this was also confirmed by the Russian Interpreter, who visited the Metropolitan Bishop of Smyrna today, recommending that the Metropolitan should suggest to the refugees to return to their villages. Tomorrow, the Interpreters shall be visiting Tire and Ödemiş.

The American Embassy’s aviso came into the Smyrna port two days ago. Today, an Italian warship left. The Valı left today for Bergama in order to –I have been informed– help with the settlement of Mohammedan refugees (muhacirs).

Yesterday, they 15th, the following events took place:

Attempted murders of Konstantinos Kavoukas and Kyriakos Ambelas, in Yayaköy. Dimitrios Dikis and …[….] were attacked and injured near Buca. A woman was attacked, killed, and her home was burgled in Sultanhisar. An Ottoman Greek’s coffee shop was looted in Nazlı. Blockade continues. Evacuation of the village of Tiraili, as a result of savage threats.

CC: Embassy, Constantinople