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FROM: Vice-Consul Benetatos, Bursa

TO: Greek MFA, Athens

AFFECTED AREAS: Mudanya, Tiriliye (Zeytinbağı), Syge (Kumyaka), Başköy, Yalıçiftlik, Ainati (İkizce)

Bursa, 7 (20) June 1914

I hereby report that, up until today, 11,000 refugees have fled to Mudanya, Trilye, and Siğe [Kumyaka]. I have sent, by post, the verified names of 14 villages which have been occupied and looted by Mohammedans; churches have been raided in Aynati [Ikizce] and Başköy, and women have been abducted in Yalıçiftlik. Only a few villages who put up a fight with weapons were spared being looted.
I have confidential information that a lot of refugees have been gathering in Bandırma.
They keep coming, all in a pitiful state. I have been in contact with the rest of the Consulates so that we may officially notify all Embassies to send a committee made up of members of the Consular Corps to corroborate the events.