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FROM: Ambassador Panàs, Smyrna

TO: Greek MFA, Athens

AFFECTED AREAS: Aydın province (Muğla, Denizli)

Smyrna, 13 (26) June 1914

I hasten to disclose to you the following telegram, which I addressed to the Royal Embassy in Constantinople:

“Please take the following telegram to the Patriarch’s home:
I confidentially announce to You that the situation is getting worse. Following the arrival of Talaat Bey, the formerly quiet province of Heliopolis [Aydın] was thrust into commotion, the commercial embargo extended, hunger and terrorism reign in all provinces, properties are being destroyed, the Christians are in despair. We urge you not to decide to lift the Church’s defensive measures until we can assure you of the real condition of our Christians.
The Metropolitan Bishops of Efessos [Efes], Smyrna [Izmir], Philadelphia [Alaşehir], Krini [Çeşme], Heliopolis [Aydın].”