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FROM: Consul General Kapsabèlis, Smyrna

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul

AFFECTED AREAS: Aydın, Dikeli, Soma, Phocaea, Salıhlı, Çeşme, İzmir

Smyrna, 17 (30) June 1914

Interpreters left on the …………… of the Aydın line. An Italian warship and an American aviso have sailed away. A French steamer has also left the harbour for training; it will be returning tomorrow.
The following events were announced today:
Ignatios Ioannou, a butcher from Soma, has been attacked and wounded, and 800 sheep have been stolen.
The authorities, applying their well-tried practices, have accused for the killing of Greek citizen Stefanos Samios, his brother’s wife.
The ruined tobacco produce of Ödemiş is estimaded at 50,000 okka [65,000 kilos].
In Salıhlı, weapons were distributed to the Muslims.
In the interior, the economic blockade still continues everywhere.
Yesterday 150 muhacirs (Muslim refugees) were sent to Çeşme. Today to Dikili and Foça.
The newspaper “Nea Smyrni” and the satirical paper “Kopanos” have been banned as of this evening.

CC: Greek Embassy, Constantinople