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FROM: Consul General Kapsabèlis, Smyrna

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul

AFFECTED AREAS: Karaburun Peninsula (Çeşme etc.)

Smyrna 2 (15) June 1914

Situation unchanged. Population of Karaburun peninsula has descended to Saip and Yeniliman, ready to depart.
In Çeşme, more than 6000 people are sleeping rough, ready to depart.
The population of Ulucak and of Seyreköy, which was abandoned, was stopped from descending to Smyrna by the authorities so that they wouldn’t inform foreign consular authorities and journalists of what happened.
Around 20 dead bodies of Ottoman Greeks remain unburied in the Menemen plain. The authorities have sent bread to Ulucak.
The actions seem to be moving towards the Aydın borderline.
In Nazlı the Greeks were sent letters telling them to depart under threat of being slaughtered otherwise. Some were also seen in Tomazo, which is at a [short] distance from Kordelio [Karşıyaka].
The villagers of Ayia Yiorgi çiftliği and other villages near Narlı Dere, are abandoning their villages under threats. A lot of inhabitants from already destroyed villages hide in the countryside, waiting to flee.
The Minister of Internal Affairs visited Vourla (Urla) today. Then he returned and left for Ulucak.
The army was sent to Menemen, where martial law has been declared. The head of the 4th Army Corps, together with the chief of staff, have met with the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Valı.
Worrying rumours about riots in Smyrna still going around. The Consular Body met to discuss the situation. Formal announcement made on the persecutions and the acts of violence. Most foreign Consuls have described the situation in the gloomiest of colours.

They have deemed it necessary to keep their Governments informed and let it be implied that they requested the arrival of warships.

CC: Greek Embassy, Constantinople