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FROM: Consul General Kapsabèlis, Smyrna

TO: Greek MFA, Athens; Royal Greek Embassy, Istanbul

AFFECTED AREAS: Phocaea, Biga, Ayvalık, Gömeç, Ödemiş, Kula/Manisa, Aydın province (Söke etc.)

Smyrna, 3 (16) June 1914

Confidential news presents today a calmer, yet abnormal, situation. From Menemen, 40 looters have been brought here in shackles.
The Minister of Internal Affairs travelled today to Old Phocaea.
I have been informed, from a reliable source, that the General Administration has sent, on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the following order to the commanders and deputy commanders in the province of Aydın:
“All destruction and acts of murder perpetrated in the vilayet (province) which can potentially provoke the intervention of the Great Powers and a war with Greece, are attributable to the sub-commandants of Phocaea, of Viga, and of Ayvalık and the Müdürs of Gömeç and …., who have been relieved of their duties. Also to the commander of the gendarmerie of Urla –now recalled– and the captains of the Menemen gendarmerie, who have also been relieved of their duties and brought to justice.
Because the acts of about 100 villagers are liable to the largest of penalties, know that they shall be sentenced to death; announce the present order of the Minister of Internal Affairs to all representatives of your districts, and telegraph immediately in the case of any given event, so that appropriate measures shall be taken.”
This all happened in plain sight. Because it is impossible to know if there are secret orders.
The Minister of Interior has promised the Bishop of Efessos that the inhabitans of Ulucak shall be rehabilitated and their destroyed church shall be rebuilt. He seemed to be asking of reassurance of the restoration of order.
Oppositely, the Christians of Ödemiş are being asked to leave under threat of slaughter in Kula. Official government announcements for the punishment of perpetrators were torn in pieces by başıbozuk before the eyes of the Authorities. In the province of Anya, 4 Christians were killed. In the suburbs of Smyrna, Greek houses are being noted down. In the port, a Russian and an Italian warship dropped anchor.

CC: Royal Greek Embassy, Constantinople