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Greek MFA


Celâl Bayar

Celâl Bayar was at the time the Izmir leader of the governing Committee of Union and Progress party. Much later, he became the 3rd President of the Republic of Turkey.

Eşref Kuşçubaşı

Eşref Kuşçubası was a top-ranking member of the C.U.P.’s paramilitary organisation Teşkilat-i Mahsûsa, and the man behind many reconnaissance operations in Western Anatolia/Asia Minor.

Emmanuil Emmanuelidis

Emmanuil Emmanuelidi was the Member of Parliament for the province of Aydın (where Phocaea and Smyrna belonged). He was an Ottoman Greek, elected with the C.U.P.

Talaat Pasha

Talaat Pasha was the Minister of Internal Affairs from 1913 until the end of WWI. Together with Enver and Cemal pashas, He was one of the “Three Pashas”, the triumverate that essentially ruled the Ottoman Empire at the time.