Dimitrios Mageiras

How the refugees got to Palaia Fokaia

Visits to Eski Foça

Visits to Eski Foça

Dimitrios recalls his rapprochement trips to Turkey as ex-Mayor of Palaia Fokaia.

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Zacharo Frantzeskou

Zacharo recounts how she uncovered the story of 1914 through fragments in her family’s history and memoirs; speaks of the once peaceful coexistence between the two communities and of how, remarkably, she initiated the rapprochement of the communities, 80 years after the events.

Dimitrios Mageiras

Dimitrios explains the harrowing conditions and difficulties the refugees faced when settling in Palaia Fokaia and recalls his rapprochement trips to Turkey, as ex-Mayor of Palaia Fokaia.

Lygeri & Dina Bolka

The Bolka sisters recall stories from 1914, the Greco-Turkish war of 1922, and how –armed with their grandparents’ memories– they wanted to visit the place they still call “home”.

Nicos Deligiannis

Nicos remembers the harmonious coexistence between Greeks and Turks in Old Phocaea, how he visited his grandmother’s old homeland, and how they were received by the local Turks with open arms.

Kleanthi Antonatou

Kleanthi speaks of her family’s story between 1914 and their settling in Palaia Fokaia, the trials they faced, and how Turks received them with unexpected warmth once they visited their parents’ old homeland.

Τhe Fokaia/Foça Photos

Greek Phocaeans and Turkish Foçalıs have visited each others' towns many times now. Here's a photo gallery of some of their visits.

Frank's Box

Frank Geraotis was a Phocean migrant to the U.S.A. He left a box of photographs which you can explore.